Privacy policy

  1. Responsible of processing personal information

    Sensio AS (Stenersgata 1A, 0050 Oslo), represented by the CEO, have the daily responsibility of processing personal information related to and Sensio Smart Home.

  2. Purpose of processing personal information

    The information is collected to be able to:

    1. Newsletters: Inform customers about Sensio news.
    2. Web statistics: Improve and further develop the content on our website.
    3. Cookies: Improve the user experience on Sensio´s website and enable course registrations at
    4. Course registrations: Manage course participants.
    5. Sensio Smart Home:
      • Recognize users and perform support services when needed.
      • Enable the possibility for users to control their Sensio Smart Home remotely using either smart phones or tablets.
      • Distribute system messages about operations and other crucial information, in addition to invoicing.
  3. Legal basis for processing personal information

    The legal basis for processing personal information is individual consent (cf. Popplyl §8 and cf. the Privacy Act og 2018 (GDPR) Article 6 §1a) or contract fulfullment (cf. Popplyl §8 and cf. the Privacy Act of 2018 (GDPR) Article 6 §1c) unless other is specified.

  4. What personal information we process

    We collect following personal information:

    1. Newsletters: Email-address, optional: Company name
    2. Web statistics: Sensio collect unidentified visitor information from and Such as page visits, visit duration , last visited page and which browsers are used.We use Google Analytics on This is an analytics tool that collects anonymous statistics.

      You can reserve yourself against Google´s cookies by visiting Google.

    3. Cookies: Cookies are small text files located on your device when you download a website. Cookies are only used to improve the user experience of the website, and are not used to identify you as a person.
      • Course registrations: woocommerce_cart_hash, woocommerce_items_in_cart and wp_woocommerce_session_ are used to temporarily store (60 seconds) information about the shopping cart. They are not used to store personal information. As a logged-in user, the storage duration is set to 10 minutes.
      • Sensio Smart Home (Login and navigation): Cookies are used to track logged in users and offer the possibility to stay logged in and remember username and password. Cookies are deleted when closing the browser.Find information about how to manage cookies here: web servers log the link between the IP address, the loading page and given result, unless this is actively turned off. The link is stored for a short period of time and is not used for any specific purpose.
    4. Course registrations: name, contact information and employer.
    5. Sensio Smart Home: name, email, address and phone number. Additionally, technical information related to your user such as Gateway IP-address, temporarily technical data in the operation log and which devices that are used in system, is registered.
      1. Using IP camera: Login information and snapshots for 7 days.
  5. Collection of personal information

    The following information is collected:

    1. Newsletters: by registering to our newsletter and accepting processing of the personal information mentioned above.
    2. Web statistics: by using the website
    3. Cookies: None of the cookies used at are identifiable. By logging in to your user you will have the option to accept cookies when applicable.
    4. Course registrations: when registering for courses, users must accept that information is stored for course administration.
    5. Sensio Smart Home: information is collected when creating a user, given that the user accepts registering the personal information mentioned above and allows the use of cookies. Technical operating data is collected consecutively.

    The information above is necessary to provide service, maintenance and customer service. By declining to store your personal information, it is not possible to access and use a complete Sensio solution.

  6. Processing personal information

    Sensio AS processes the information accordingly:

    1. Newsletters: The information will only be used for distributing email and will not be handed to third parties. The email addresses are stored in a separate database at the newsletter supplier MailChimp and will be deleted when unsubscribing.
    2. Web statistics: The information is aggregated and disidentified and only used for statistics. “Disidentified” means that the information is not trackable to a specific user.
    3. Cookies: The information is only used to provide a better user experience of the website
    4. Course registrations: The information is only used to manage courses.
    5. Sensio Smart Home: The information will only be used to operate the solution, troubleshooting and customer service. It is not handed to third parties.Sensio AS is the data processor for the personal information stored in our solutions. Our systems are hosted by Microsoft Azure and the information is stored on separate servers operated by the supplier. The information is only stored if you utilize our solution and can be exported or deleted upon request. The information is deleted from backup after 30 days.
  7. Registered rights

    As registered in Sensios systems, you have rights defined by Norwegian law about treating Personal information from 2001 until the new Privacy Act of 2018 (GDPR) is applicable. As registered you have the right to access your own Personal information, correct or delete inadequate information, in addition to deleting all personal information from our systems.

  8. Securing information

    It is only the customer personally and Sensio AS that have access to the collected information. Sensio AS uses secure access control for systems with Personal information and have implemented a comprehensive internal security policy that reflects the regulations defined in the new Privacy Act (GDPR). All employees processing Personal information have strict confidentiality.

  9. Contact information

    Contact customer service at for inquiries related to processing of Personal information.

    For further questions regarding Sensio AS Privacy Policy, contact The Data Protection Officer by sending an email to